superjpcw (superjpcw) wrote,

more dreams

Dimitri Matrin is My Boyfriend

I totally made out with him. But then, my grandma told me he was my cousin and suddenly it wasn't so cool anymore.

Matt is a Jerk and Made Me Miss My Flight

I got in a huge fight with Matt because he left the door open and it rained inside. He didn't understand why I was mad, so I told him to move out. He said he would after he drove me to the airport because I was flying to Dallas to visit Tim. So he drove me, but we kept getting boxed in in the parking lot. Then Emily was magically in the car and couldn't find the airport. I missed my flight and the next one wasn't until 5am, so I had to wait. I also had to fly Continental instead of United and pay an extra $400. I wasted my time at this delicious bakery in the airport that made me a frosting taco. It was amazing. Then, apparently Continental seats their passengers by assigning them seats in a giant auditorium and making them go on Space Mountain until their plane is ready to board. O.o When I got to Dallas, Tim, Justin (his roommate), Mike (how he got to Dallas, I don't know) and Jeff Pittner came into the airport (which had the same bakery as the one in Chicago) and stood behind the counter of the bakery dressed like the Blues Brothers. I have no idea...but then I woke up.

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